Mastering Festival Hair: Your Guide to Dry Shampoo and a 3-Day Festival Routine
Andrew Bidwell
15 Jun, 2023

Festivals in the UK are renowned for their lively atmosphere and unforgettable experiences.

However, maintaining fabulous hair throughout a multi-day festival can be challenging!

Enter Swell’s Dry Shampoo, the ultimate solution for festival-goers.

In this article, we will delve into the art of using dry shampoo at festivals and provide you with your 3-day festival ready hair routine.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your hair looking fresh, voluminous, and ready to rock from day one to when the tents come down!

Using Dry Shampoo Effectively at Festivals

Dry shampoo is a festival hair essential for everyone, and using it effectively is key to maintaining gorgeous locks throughout the event.

How to do your hair for a festival?

Here are some tips for maximising the benefits of dry shampoo at festivals:

Start with Clean Hair: Begin your festival journey with freshly washed and dried hair. This will provide a clean canvas for your dry shampoo application and ensure optimal results all weekend long. You can use Swell’s dry shampoo as often as you need to, just pump in, tousle through,and any excess will float away!

Apply Before Bed: Before you go to sleep, spray a few pumps of dry shampoo onto your roots and tousle through. This will allow the product to work overnight, absorbing excess oil and providing volume.

When you wake up, your hair will be revitalised and ready for styling.

Divide and Conquer: Divide your hair into sections and pump dry shampoo at the roots, focusing on the areas that tend to get greasiest. Spray a couple of inches from your roots, remembering to get right to the back and sides of your head as this will create a foundation for up top! Give the product a few minutes to absorb, then tousle through your roots using your fingertips.

Revive and Refresh: Throughout the festival, use dry shampoo each morning to refresh your hair. Apply it in the same manner as the previous day, focusing on the roots. This will eliminate oil, add volume, and keep your hair looking and smelling fresh.

3-day festival dry shampoo hair routine

Day 1: The Fresh Start

Start with clean hair: Wash roots and condition mid-lengths and ends using our shampoo Volumising Ultimate Volume Shampoo 250ml | Swell® Haircare & Nourishing Ultimate Volume Conditioner 250ml | Swell®.

Dry and style hair, then apply a few pumps of dry shampoo into roots, tousle through, this will have your hair on it’s A-game before heading to the festival, and keep your bounce all day and night.

Apply dry shampoo before bed: Top up with a few pumps of dry shampoo to your roots and tousle through, this will help absorb any oil produced overnight.

Now you can reach for the eye mask!

Morning revival: Wake up and apply dry shampoo to the roots to freshen up your hair. Tousle through and style it as desired, embracing the added volume and texture.


Dry shampoo application:

Apply dry shampoo to your roots in the morning to combat oil and add volume. Give it a few minutes to work its magic, then tousle through.

Hairstyle switch-up: Opt for a different hairstyle on the second day to keep things fresh and fun.

Consider braids, a half-up half-down style, or a messy bun. Dry shampoo will add volume and texture, making styling easier.

Mid-day touch-up: If your hair needs a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon, spray dry shampoo onto your roots and tousle through. This will revive your hair and give it a boost of freshness.

Don’t forget to apply a few pumps of dry shampoo before bed

Day 3: The Finishing Touch

Dry shampoo rescue: Apply dry shampoo in the morning to refresh your hair and eliminate any signs of grease. Focus on the roots and tousle through for maximum effect.

Embrace accessories: On the final day, adorn your hair with accessories such as headbands, scarves, or flowers. These will distract from any signs of oil while adding a festive touch.

Quick styling: Opt for an effortless hairstyle like loose waves or a messy ponytail. Dry shampoo will enhance the texture and provide a relaxed, yet chic, look.

Dry shampoo is a festival-goer’s secret weapon for maintaining fabulous hair throughout a 3-day festival in the UK.

By using dry shampoo effectively and following a tailored festival hair routine, you can say goodbye to greasy roots and hello to voluminous, refreshed locks.

Swell Hair’s Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo is a perfect companion for your festival adventures.

This pocket-sized dry shampoo power pack delivers a natural volume boost whenever you need it. Its unique, non-aerosol eco-pump delivery system produces a refreshing super fine mist giving you natural hair without tackiness or ghosting.

With over 1,500 pumps of freshness per bottle, you and all of your friends will have enough to keep your locks fresh and fabulous all summer long.

Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of dry shampoo from Swell Hair, and rock your festival look with confidence and style.


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