Ultimate Volume Shampoo 250ml

Cleanse: Gently restore your hair’s health and volume from the roots down with our nourishing shampoo.

Our high-performing volume shampoo gently lifts away dirt, toxins and silicone build-up to provide a clean base, without stripping the moisture from your hair. The concentrated blend of high potency active botanicals in this hair thickening shampoo naturally cleanses ready for the rest of our growth-boosting and nourishing hair care system to work its magic.

This colour-safe silicone free shampoo is suitable for all hair types, you’ll enjoy extra body and bounce from day one. The fresh botanical fragrance will stay with you all day as well as filling your bathroom with its natural, uplifting scent.

Shampoo pro tip: For best results, stick to using this only on your roots.

Good to know: You won’t need to use as much of this concentrated formula as with regular natural shampoos, meaning it will last longer and make a bigger impact on the health of your hair. The silicon free, weightless combination of ingredients is suitable for even the finest hair.

We don’t use any silicones, parabens or SLS and our products have all been vegan and cruelty free since we launched in 2013. Minimum 97% natural ingredients.