Our capsule range focuses on four simple principles to boost your hair’s health and achieve ultimate volume and growth.

shampoo and dry shampoo

The first step to healthier hair is to create a clean base ready for the strengthening, active botanicals in our range. Oil and chemical build up can interfere with the potency and absorption of the ingredients in our products, so we developed our gentle formula to clean your hair and scalp, removing impurities without stripping it of its natural oils.

Our signature Swell Ultimate Volume Shampoo contains coconut-derived cleansers and tea tree to create the perfect base, along with nettles and rooibos to start the volumising process and Peruvian maca and wild yam to increase growth.

For a super boost in between washes, our Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo is a pocket-sized power pack that leaves your hair with a non-tacky clean feel, bounce and a fresh botanical fragrance. Ingredients include natural rice starch to aid oil absorption, ylang ylang to stimulate growth, horsetail to strengthen and reduce shedding and lavender oil brings antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  This festival and holiday favourite has a unique, non-aerosol eco-pump delivery system which produces a refreshing super fine mist giving you natural hair without residue build up or ‘ghosting’.


Your hair needs extra nourishment for optimum hair volume, growth and inner health. The silicones found in many products provide a false shine that, at best, will leave your hair heavy and greasy and, at worst, can cause long-term damage.

Our Swell formulas use high potency active botanicals to nourish your hair from the inside out. We use minute molecules to allow them to penetrate all the way to your hair’s inner cortex layer. Our concentrated blend of nutrient-powered botanicals is perfect for revitalising lacklustre locks, working deep into your hair to replenish moisture, fortifying and thickening each strand for ultimate volume and growth for even the finest and most damaged hair.

Our signature Swell Ultimate Volume Conditioner contains nettles and rooibos to improve the strength and health of your hair’s cortex. Without silicones, your hair won’t fall flat and Himalayan cedarwood will give it a natural, healthy shine.

If you need an extra repair and moisture boost, our Swell Ultimate Volume Masque contains a luxurious mix of hydrolyzed quinoa protein and oat beta glucan to leave your hair rejuvenated and moisture rich. This works well with our gentle Swell Ultimate Volume Shampoo to bring even very brittle or damaged hair back to health.


conditioner and masque
root complex

Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp. Hair follicles need to be stimulated and nourished to avoid disruption to hair growth and lifeless looking hair.

Our Swell Ultimate Volume Root Complex is a unique scalp treatment comprising our blend of 18 nutrient-rich active botanicals to encourage hair growth and deliver instant volume.

The growth-boosting complex works directly on your dermal layer, feeding your follicles to promote hair growth and restore moisture balance. Peruvian maca increases volume by up to 93% and extends your hair’s growth cycle for healthier, stronger hair. Designed for anyone wanting to improve hair growth, reduce hair shedding and gain immediate volume. For use on all hair types and especially beneficial for fine and thinning hair, this complex uses anti-ageing apple cell stem extract to reduce shedding while encouraging root uplift and volume. Blue lupin peptides protect your hair from environmental stress and reduce colour fade for up to 30 washes.


Protection is always easier than cure. With the stress your hair is constantly exposed to, including damage from blow-drying, heat styling tools and UV rays, you need a hair hero at your side.

Our Swell Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum is based on a weightless natural formula which adds a protective layer to your hair, sealing in moisture to hydrate and smooth any frizz. The combination of active botanicals includes Abyssinian oil to give your hair natural UV protection and prevent damage from heat styling tools. Hydrolyzed quinoa protein and oat beta glucan repair and strengthen your hair, adding genuine gloss, minimising split ends and leaving your hair sleek and hydrated no matter what you put it through.


Swell range

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HERO INGREDIENTS – Swell Active Botanicals

Arctium Lappa Root Extract (Burdock)   Adds shine and smoothes hair. Calms skin conditions like psoriasis and is anti-bacterial

Angelica Polymorpha Sinensis (Dong Quai)  Traditionally used to prevent hair loss. Extends hair growth cycle and reduces shedding

Aspalathus Linearis (Rooibos)  Improves hair growth, especially effective for menopausal hair symptoms. Builds volume, neutralises free radicals, anti-ageing and is an anti-oxidant

Calendula  Scalp calming

Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam)  Improves hair growth, especially effective for menopausal hair symptoms and reduces shedding

MSM  Improves scalp  health, elasticises hair and is anti- ageing

Oat Beta Glucan  Moisturises, strengthens, adds genuine shine and protects hair against brittleness

Quinoa  Repairs, strengthens and builds volume

Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto)  Improves hair growth, reduces shedding

Urtica Dioica (Nettles)   Adds shine and conditions hair

Vitamin B3   Improves hair growth

Vitamin B6  Improves hair growth

Vitamin B5  Conditions hair and improves scalp health

Vitamin E    Improves hair growth

Carnitine Tartrate Improves hair growth

Lepidium Meyenii (Peruvian Maca)  Protects hair from environmental stresses, reduces hair loss and  increases hair thickness. Extends hair growth cycle (Anagen phase) and adds strength & shine

Lupinus Angustifolius (Blue Lupin Peptides)  Prevents colour fade for over 30 washes. Elasticises hair and rejuvenates hair follicles

Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell Extract)  Anti-ageing, increases hair growth and reduces hair loss by up to 50%. Extends growth cycle (Anagen phase)


peruvian maca
apple stem extract