Ultimate Volume Collection

This ultimate volume hair care system does it all.


This collection has everything you need for root to tip hair health. Includes full sized versions of the complete Swell capsule range of growth-boosting and nourishing hair care especially beneficial for fine and thinning hair.

Our high-performing products combine a concentrated blend of high potency active botanicals in weightless formulas. Use the ultimate volume collection in combination to cleanse your roots, improve hair health, hydrate your mid-lengths and protect your ends for lifelong healthy hair.

Everything in this collection is perfectly formulated for health, volume and growth if you have fine and thinning hair; ageing, damaged or weak hair; or simply prefer to use natural, high-quality products to keep your hair in its best possible condition.

Let Swell take care of your entire healthy hair routine.

Pro tip: For best results, cleanse only your roots, nourish your mid-lengths and ends, feed your follicles and look after your scalp for growth and always protect your ends against heat styling.

Good to know: We’ve not only curated but also concentrated our formulas. A little goes a long way so use sparingly to avoid overloading your hair with products.

We don’t use any silicones, parabens or SLS and our products have all been vegan and cruelty free since we launched in 2013. Minimum 97% natural ingredients.