Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum 30ml

Protect:  Nutrient-rich hair serum formula to shield hair from damage from heat styling and prevent split ends.

Looking for natural and effective heat protection? Look no further than our Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum. The weightless formula of active botanicals adds genuine gloss, minimises split ends and protects your hair from heat styling tools.

Use for healthy hair that is sleek and hydrated no matter what you put it through.

Hair serum pro tip: Aim for prevention before you need a cure when it comes to the possible damage from heat styling tools. Apply to towel-dry hair before blow-drying.

Good to know: Unlike most silicone-based hair serums which rely on applying a physical barrier around your strands, this formula penetrates your hair and is quickly absorbed without any oily residue. Our protection goes far beneath the surface.  

We don’t use any silicones, parabens or SLS and our products have all been vegan and cruelty free since we launched in 2013. Minimum 97% natural ingredients.


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