How healthy is your hair?
Andrew Bidwell
1 Mar, 2023

Healthy hair – haircare do’s and don’ts.

The more you understand about your hair health the better you will know about yourself.  We all know the impact a bad hair day can have on our mood, so taking the time to look at the condition and behaviour of our hair will not only tell us if we have healthy hair, but can also reveal how healthy we are.

According to Andrew Bidwell, hairdresser and co-founder of Swell, when you’re sitting in your hairdresser’s chair, the tell-tale signs hairdressers look out for to determine whether you have healthy or damaged hair are as follows…..

  • visible breakage
  • hair feels and looks dehydrated
  • evidence of silicone build-up
  • split ends
  • damage from colour or other chemical treatments
  • evidence of thermal styling tools use
  • over washing ends
  • speed of hair growth
  • signs of hormonal hair weakness especially around the hairline
  • change in hair texture, especially if sudden weight loss has occurred

Hair is like a delicate fabric, and just as you wouldn’t dream of chucking your favourite cashmere jumper into a hot wash with harsh detergent or bleach followed by a blast in the tumble dryer, there are some basic do’s and don’ts to looking after your hair to keep it looking beautiful and healthy…

Healthy hair do’s

  • DO only shampoo the roots of your hair. When rinsing the soapy suds, do it from the roots down to the mid-lengths and ends to clean hair to perfection.
  • DO condition the mid-lengths and ends first and only condition the roots if hair tends to be frizzy.
  • DO reduce heat when styling when possible.
  • DO check how healthy your hair is. Take a small section of hair and gently stretch it. If it feels elasticated and springs back, it’s healthy, however, if it doesn’t spring back or worse snaps, it needs some serious hair care and TLC.

Health hair do’s

  • DON’T deliberately wash the ends of your hair as this will dehydrate and severely damage it.
  • DON’T overload roots with conditioner as this will result in greasy, lank hair.
  • DON’T cover hair with silicones and silicone serums, especially if the hair is in a poor condition. They give the illusion of shiny healthy hair, but in reality, the silicone prevents goodness from entering the hair and allows moisture to escape due to the higher temperatures they can withstand.


Swell hair care never uses silicones or chemical nasties in any of its formulas, giving your hair the best possible chance of being healthy. One of the best ways to treat stressed, overworked, coloured or dehydrated hair is to use Swell’s Ultimate Volume Masque. With a blend of high potency and active botanical ingredients, it will bring bounce, elasticity and wow back to your locks in no time.

When it comes to beautiful healthy hair, your hairdresser is the expert, so take advantage of the time you spend with them. Ask questions, listen to their advice and both you and your hair will look fabulously healthy.



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