Andrew Bidwell - Founder

Swell grew out of a desire to solve the problem of fine, thinning hair that lacks vitality and volume.

I spent years helping clients have good hair days by creating volume where none existed, delivering the most natural looking, fuller locks possible by using hair extensions. But I came to realise that many of the problems my clients were experiencing were in fact being caused by the very volumising products they were using.

Silicones are the death of volume for fine hair. They give an illusion of smooth hair and shine by simply covering damaged hair and preventing it from accessing hydration and nutrients. As far as I’m concerned, they’re best left out, along with other chemicals like SLS and parabens.

When you’re putting your hair through the stress of highlights, colouring, heat styling tools and adding blow dries to the mix, you need to make sure you pack your hair with some serious nourishment.

I wanted to combine more than 35 years of salon experience with a love of natural products to create a range that promoted natural hair health above all else.

The priority was developing natural formulas that leave hair nourished and strong, with a hydrated inner cortex and flat, closed outer cuticle layer because it’s these qualities that symbolise health and provide volume, growth and shine.


the science of natural

I created the Swell range with the help of leading homeopath Jonathan Stallick. We specifically created the unique botanical formula to work with all hair types but it’s particularly beneficial for those with fine and thinning hair.

We wanted to make sure that every ingredient had a purpose and we had considered hair health from every possible angle. Our complex formulas have been meticulously blended to work together for maximum impact. We’ve used high-potency active botanicals and left nothing out – except the chemical nasties.

I set out to create an honest brand, that works hard to boost hair health and deliver ultimate volume, naturally. The result is Swell.

Swell range

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